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For your environmental enlightenment, here are links to sites that promote the environment:

A gorgeous depiction of worldwide green issues –
The National Geographic “Green” Page

Keep track of weekly Enviro news –
The New York Times “Environment” Section

Keep track of current legislation –
The Evironmental Protection Agency

Green travel ideas –

They call themselves “the online environmental community” –

New polar bear research, volcano updates, hurricane predictors, maps and so much more –
The U.S. Geological Survey

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day


Blog Action Day is coming!!

Monday, Oct. 15, is Blog Action Day. I will be participating along with 1,000s of other bloggers to blog about the environment. Check it out at blogactionday.org and by watching the video below:

Republican party and anti-terrorism: All bravado; no result

The Republican candidates are trying to assert that their party is the anti-terrorism party?! Ha!

The Republicans have a continuing history of not taking Al Qaida seriously.

When Bill Clinton was on the heels of hunting down Osama Bin Laden, the Kenneth Starr machine railroaded that effort, turning the government’s attention and resources to their idea of the biggest danger to America: the president fooling around with an aide. We said nothing, effectively.

When George W. Bush was installed as president, he was given direct, unequivocal information about the danger of Al Qaida’s intents. That was ignored, shuffled under the rug in exchange for devising an Iraq invasion of self-interest.

After 9/11, despite a brief and half-hearted show of looking for Osama Bin Laden, immediately, the administration inserted its personal agenda of invading Iraq, which destabilized the Middle East and helped grow the Al Qaida movement. We said nothing, effectively.

To vote for Republicans as a way to stop or slow terrorism is ludicrous. The track record of this administration and the previous Republican stronghold does not bear that return.

If we want a government that thinks and acts in our best interest, then we need to wake up. This is the time to speak out – among friends, in your community, through conversations, letters to the editors, emails.

Vote for the woman or man you feel can lead the country honestly, strongly, intelligently, ethically, deferentially.

We need someone who respects the Constitution and the American people. We need someone who puts the good of the United States and the good of the World before self-interest.

GWB had a lousy track record, yet he was given the Oval office.

A presidential resume needs proof of acting and thinking with consideration, someone who has been a successful leader in some way, as opposed to Bush’s incredible background of resisting national responsibility, holding a figure-head office and running businesses into the ground.

Whoever takes over the position in 2008 will need prayers from Atheists to make a dent in the mess the Bush administration created.

But take note: Voting for a Republican because he is a member of the “anti-terrorism” party is a joke. This is not “their issue.” To date, the spread of terrorism is their legacy.

Greenwald: “What’s Fox putting in our brains, now?”

Here’s the latest Robert Greenwald project. Fox fires: Iran, the next target?

Cheney on why invading Iraq would be wrong, circa 1994

You may have seen this already. If so, here it is again. If not…here it is.

Austin Bat Watch

More than 100 people gathered to see North America’s largest bat colony take their nightly flight en masse in Austin, Texas, on Friday, Aug. 17, 2007. Unfortunately, the bats took the night off. Fortunately, the crowd was interesting.

A time to laugh…